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Chapter 2 Ends. Hiatus begins.

Thanks everyone for sticking with Monster's Garden for this far!

I hope the cliffhanger ending to Chapter 2 isn't too unbearable while the comic goes on an extended hiatus. This is due to moving to a new place due to my job, and with new responsibilities and working hours, how much of my time I can dedicate to the comic will be unknown and erratic for awhile as I adjust to the new lifestyle.

Monster's Garden will resume with Chapter 3 in early 2014, job permitting. I'm looking to try some new things with this chapter, so if you have any kind of input on what you like or didn't like about Monster's Garden so far that is constructive and more from a technical side than personal preference, I would very much like to hear it. Monster's Garden is a learning experience for me, so any input would be greatly appreciated to help improve the next chapter.

I will be sure keep you all updated on the comic status when I can. Thanks again for reading and I am glad to have to all along for the ride!

posted by KiloMonster @ October 6th, 2013, 8:24 pm  -  0 Comments

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