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Looks like Kilo stumbled/dragged Todd into a political minefield he wasn't aware of. I hope this is a short ride.

posted by Axel (Guest) on July 1st, 2013, 12:55 pm

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The fact that both of 'em ignore Kilo in favor of the deep social and political issues here is a -great- way of showin' how severe the issues are, without needing to be all "LOOK, THIS THING IS BAD". Spectacularly done!

posted by Guest on July 1st, 2013, 4:02 pm

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I like Kilo's expression in the first panel just like "uhh wow that escalated quickly" haha

posted by leon990 on July 1st, 2013, 5:07 pm

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Wow, Kilo can't get a syllable in. Yeah, this war-thing is kinda serious. :/

posted by AngelicDirt on July 2nd, 2013, 7:06 pm

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