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KiloMonster, April 8th, 2013, 10:28 pm ( Reply )

- There could be other Zid'ral out with the same disorder as Kilo, but like him, they probably live reclusive lives and remain unaware of each other's existence.

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Reader Comments:

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@KiloMonster: Is...Is "Zid'ral" an intentional anagram of "Lizard?" Because that is simultaneously really clever and mildly disappointing.

posted by Sharkbutt (Guest) on April 8th, 2013, 10:35 pm

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@Sharkbutt: I thought that was obvious? I dunno why that makes it disappointing.

posted by KiloMonster on April 8th, 2013, 10:37 pm

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He looks like a giant cutie to me than a freak of nature.

Anndd oxo it does say lizard...oxo well..what do you knoow *didnt even notice*

posted by DeiDei on April 8th, 2013, 10:47 pm

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@KiloMonster: You know, I don't even mind the anagram. ^_^;

Also, all of the above information makes me love Kilo even more... he must have been so lonely. :'(

posted by AngelicDirt on April 10th, 2013, 8:54 pm

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What is arcane energy? Is it something anyone can use?

Most of the characters seems to swear a lot, I hope Nika has some sort of built in swear filter....

posted by Crothen (Guest) on April 10th, 2013, 11:32 pm

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@Crothen: I was going to reply with only Jaymi swears casually and Kilo swears when he's angry and Todd swore once when surprised, and then I realized that was half of the main cast so I don't really have any kind of argument against your observation.

I'm sure Dr. Joe and Dr. Mayers taught NIKA early on that Jaymi's colorful vocabulary is generally inappropriate, so NIKA doesn't use those words.

As for the other question about arcane energy, I think it warrants it's own separate Reader Question response.

posted by KiloMonster on April 10th, 2013, 11:43 pm

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.... Zid'ral... Lizard... omg it only just clicked, I wasn't even thinking about- PFFT that's awesome, I love it. XDD Sometimes simple solutions for naming are the most clever.

posted by Bili (Guest) on April 16th, 2013, 3:08 am

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