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Monster's Garden

The adventures of a reclusive fighting champion wandering beyond his flower garden. Updates Mondays. For viewers 13+, for strong language and mild violence/gore and horror elements.


Monster's Garden Moved Webhosts

So when I changed webhosts, the domain name for Monster's Garden moved with it, leaving the smackjeeves site behind. I noticed there was still some traffic coming from smackjeeves which made me realize I had never made a formal announcement that I was doing this. I apologize for any Smackjeeves MG fans that did not know that Monster's Garden was still updating.

But the good news is that there are now 63 new pages of Chapter 3 to catch up on and that Chapter 4 begins January 11th. Thank you everyone for understanding!


posted by KiloMonster @ January 3rd, 2016, 10:26 pm  -  0 comments

Open Call: Guest Comics

With the comic on hiatus until March, there is plenty of time to showcase the works of readers like you. By submitting a guest comic, you will allow me to post said comic on the Monster's Garden website with appropriate credit and links to your gallery/portfolio blog.

    * Single and multi panel comics, multi-page comics, and illustrations (with or without text) are acceptable. It can be in color or black and white too.
    * Try to keep submissions within 700 x 1200 pixels. I may have to edit submissions to fit within this format.
    * Your skill level is irrelevant. So long as your comic looks complete, you will be featured. (I do reserve the right to not post any comic I feel is inappropriate, though.)
    * Content must not exceed the PG-13 rating of the comic.
    * You can feature your own characters (which is encouraged!), but there must be a Monster's Garden character participating too.
    * If you do feature MG characters interacting with your own, avoid interactions of the romantic nature (though crushes/flirting is acceptable).
    * If you'd love to make something, but short on ideas (a problem I often have), you are welcome to ask me for suggestions. A really easy idea would be to have NIKA reading/reacting/reviewing a comic you have done.

I will be accepting guest comics from December 1st to January 10th. Please send your files to kilojaraATgmailDOTcom, with Guest Comic in the subject line (be sure to give your name and where to find you on the net so I can include that along with your comic).

Thanks for reading and I look forward to your submissions!

posted by KiloMonster @ November 8th, 2013, 10:29 pm  -  0 comments

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